The Books I Read This Week!

So, yeah, I know I’m late in the post but um, I had a ton of work!(sleeping, reading, gushing, blogging, playing online games)

But! It’s better late than never, no?

So, okay the books I read are-

  • Somewhere Only We Know by Maurene Goo
  • Unravel Me(The Juliette Chronicles #2) by Taherah Mafi
  • Ignite Me(The Juliette Chronicles #3) by Taherah Mafi
  • Restore Me(The Juliette Chronicles #4) by Taherah Mafi
  • Defy Me(The Juliette Chronicles #5) by Taherah Mafi

So yeah, those were all I read but I’m gonna gonna share my thoughts Shatter Me and Imagine Me as well. I read Shatter Me last month, as for Imagine Me, I finished it day before yesterday. Let’s begin!


Rating: 4 out of 5.

The plot was sweet and cute, and there were a lot of moments where you’re laughing out loud. The characters were funny and sweet as well. Basically, it was a nice book! Maybe a perfect book if you wanna just sit and enjoy your time with smiles. The only thing that troubled me most with the book was, it didn’t have a hard enough hold on me. I was easily distracted during the middle part, and I guess I could say it got a little boring there, but yes, the start and end did make it work. So, if you heard of the book here and you too are a sucker for contemporary sweet romance, check the book out!


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Whoop! So, I have a bit of a mixed feelings right now. The first book, Shatter Me, had a beautiful writing style! Like, there were words and sentences slashed, and I don’t know about others, but I took it as a way of expressing the level of oppression the protagonist is under and that just truly touched me. The second book, Unravel Me, also had a beautiful writing style and the plot had kind of improved and there was more involvement of Kenji, which I absolutely loved. The thing is I loved Adam Kent but then Warner came and I truly didn’t enjoy it that much. Then the third part, Ignite Me, and ooh, I love Warner!(his first name is Aaron, and I luurv that name) I guess I loved this one with whole of my heart! The fourth part, Restore Me is like the plot is perfect and interesting but the metaphors? Gone. The writing was mostly simple and considering the fact that I read the books mostly because of the writing styles, this was a bit of a bummer. Same goes for the Defy Me, the fifth part, the plot fun yet the writing had lost its essence. Then, the last book, Imagine Me, and oh my God! The plot was intriguing yet again but also the metaphors revived! Plus, there was Kenji’s point of view. Confession- I love Kenji, too! We relate on a kind of spiritual level. So yeah, I loved the book except one thing. I just…The part where Juliette is attracted to Anderson? That one was a bit psychotic. Like, she’s practically attracted to Adam, then his half brother, Warner(Aaron) and then when she has lost memory and doesn’t know both of them, she is attracted to their common father, Anderson(Paris). Seriously, are you kidding me? It was like she was attracted to that gene or something.(Oopsie, spoiler alert!) Other than the faults though, I loved the series!

This was all I read in the week! What did you read this week? And, if you’ve read any of the books I talked about, what were your thoughts about them? I’m quite curious to know, Let me know in the Comments! Thank you! Ciao!

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14 thoughts on “The Books I Read This Week!

  1. Ah thanks for your thoughts on the Shatter Me series/ Juliette Chronicles… I hope to get to it soon and be enraptured by the writing style for the most part! And I can sense a romance haha – how was it?

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    1. Ooh, after you finish it, do let me know what you thought, yeah?
      And, yes your senses are right! So, I’m just gonna give some spoilers here. The first book you’ll be shipping the protagonist with Adam and you’ll be hating Warner for he’s cruel. Then, second book onwards, you may root for the protagonist and Warner because he has two sides to his personality! So, basically it’s a manipulative love triangle, but once you get to truly know Warner and then how much he loves her, you just love the romance and ships! I really hope you like the series! Despite a few faults, the series are really engrossing and amazing!

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      1. IKR! Wait for it(spoiler alert) but in the last book, the protagonist has attraction towards Adam and Warner’s father and at that point I wanted to either murder the girl or die myself! I was really pulling my hair out at those parts!

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