GIF-y Love | Introducing a new, weekly tag |Collab with Nehal @Books And Words

Hello there, people! How you doin’?

So the thing is, me and Nehal here, being the big weirdos that we are, have a kind of an unhealthy obsession with GIFs and emojis (our readers i.e. you, would understand) so we were like, WE SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! And, thus, here we are, introducing you all to a new weekly meme!!

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And here we go again!!!

So, wait, WHAT? Haha, here are the details!

  • Basically every Wednesday, we’ll publish a prompt on our blogs and you’ll have to have a favourite GIF related to the prompt and then publish it on your blog under the tag!
  • You must also mention the most recent emoji you used!
  • And, you would also have to link back to us, and yes BOTH OF US, because we’d really love to see your likes!
  • And then, WE will post OUR favourites along with OUR favourites among YOURS!!
  • Also, we have decided to make it quiteeee short, as you can see, because we understand how much efforts it takes to write a long, long post. The tag, we believe, won’t take long, because as we can see, almost every person LOVES GIFs and have their favourites already aside. So, make sure you participate and enjoy yourselves!
  • It is open to all participate and to invite more of an audience, you can even reblog it on your site.
  • We will post the first prompt on Wednesday.

Ooh, and people? If you have any questions regarding the tag or even some suggestions or anything for that matter, drop a comment! It’s lovely to see people comment!

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That’s all. We await your weird GIFs participation in the tag. Thanks for reading. Stay safe. Ciao!!!

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Welcome to my site where I talk about all things bookish and from time to time, put my writing skills to test.

27 thoughts on “GIF-y Love | Introducing a new, weekly tag |Collab with Nehal @Books And Words

    1. Oh no! Don’t worry! You could still participate! Please do participate, if you wish to, we’d absolutely, utterly love it!
      Looking forward to your GIFs!
      Thanks for liking the idea!🤩

      Liked by 2 people

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