When I read, I feel emotion all on my own. Emotion no living person is making me feel.

–Kasie West, Pivot Point

That is so true!

Also, somehow I didn’t post her quotes yet and that really felt like betraying her.🙃

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18 thoughts on “Reading

      1. huh, well I loved everyone one of those and I also liked moment of truth because it had this mystery stuff going on. But I guess I’d go with P.S. I Like You and Pivot Point series, Maybe This Time, On the Fence, Distance Between Us, By Your Side…you know what? I can’t choose! I’m just releasing how rude that question I asked was, sorry😂

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    1. Huh. Wow. I’m speechless, tbh😂
      That was a pretty big loophole you found there! Omg, I literally stan you right now! I’m just…woah!
      And truly, that quote makes me feel many things and the author is still alive so🤷🏻‍♀️
      I stan you! Omg, I’m waaaaaay too speechless to make sense rn, sorry😂

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    2. What if by living person she meant one you interact with in real life on a quite daily basis? An author sometimes tho living is as dead as anything to us because yes, we worship them, and love them but we haven’t really met the person, isn’t really there for us, isn’t really alive to us. Does that make sense? Does that help you?
      I’m sorry I actually have no proper answer for you.

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