Joey doesn’t share food! -Joey Tribbiani, The One With The Birth Mother(S10 E9), Friends Just felt the need to share it.🤷🏻‍♀️ P.S.–I wrote a poem for Poetry Bar and it got published day before yesterday( I forgot to mention it earlier). Here’s the link, if you may, do check it out- Also, the poem mayContinue reading “Food”

Caste Division

If Indians would have segregated waste like they segregated caste, our country would have been cleaner. -unknown I really can’t agree more. We seriously had a chapter named ‘Unity in Diversity’ in third grade, but how can we call this division and wars between religions ‘unity’? Be in your own space, follow your own preferredContinue reading “Caste Division”

The Sight

This sight of him–his face glowing bright from pride, his eyes twinkling with a shine brighter than most stars, his hair curling at odd angles yet still adding to his appeal and making him look rather boyish and innocent, his imperfect lips forming the most perfect grin I’ve ever witnessed, his gait flowing and flowingContinue reading “The Sight”

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