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A New Blog For Y’all – That Weird Club!

Hello people! How’s you day going? Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL! Can you believe it 2020 is over? Like yesterday, I was reading some book, and I just stop doing everything, and I sit and then I realize big time that Gosh, I need to write 2021 in dates from now on! Yeah, it’s aContinue reading “A New Blog For Y’all – That Weird Club!”


GIF-y Love! | Announcement!

Originally posted on Quirky Pages:
Hey Pals!! So um…😅 I don’t know how to break this to y’all 😬. So basically, you all might know of our weekly tag “GIF-y Love”. (“Our” as in started by Tiction and me). So we are…*dramatic gulping* turing it from a weekly tag to just a, well a– tag.…