Character Chat #2! | First Line Friday #1!

Character Chat #2! To all those unaware, Character Chat is a weekly meme hosted by Rachel @A Bookworm’s Paradise, and here I go! A fiercely loyal character (sometimes too loyal for her own good) Taylor from Defending Taylor by Miranda Kenneally. Yeah, her loyalty to her boyfriend(a bad one, TBH) was what got her expelled,Continue reading “Character Chat #2! | First Line Friday #1!”

Just Some Bibliophilic Things #13! | Character Chat #2!

To those unaware, Just Some Bibliophilic Things was a weekly meme(It’s now a one-time tag) hosted by Riddhi @Whispering Stories! This Week’s Question: How many more books are left for you to read in 2020? Enlist them. Ha, well, I’m not really the one to follow a TBR, but I have a few books IContinue reading “Just Some Bibliophilic Things #13! | Character Chat #2!”

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